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Hey, I'm Scott Mathson and I'm currently recording my debut, full-length album. From the start, I put my nose to the grindstone with music. From initially learning to play the drums more than 20 years ago to then gravitating towards guitar, and then banjo, keys, and on. I've always enjoyed songwriting, and the fulfillment that comes from sharing music live, as well as the process of recording.

Music for me has always been best-learned by ear and visually observing how it's done. Though I do have some traditional music-reading background from my time spent in school Symphonic and Jazz Bands, and in leading the drumline. I even went on to pursue Percussion Studies at the University of Montana, eventually leaving to pursue a full-time career in technology. Music has always felt like home to me.

I (know I am) and consider myself lucky to have grown up in a household that encouraged personal expression, and songwriting, recording, and performing. Creativity is embedded in my core and I aim to fine-tune all of my skills and crafts. Let's see where this creative journey continues to take me!

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Historically, Scott Mathson Music YouTube Channel is a place where I uploaded basic guitar tutorials and some covers throughout the years. And throughout my website here, I put together guitar chord charts for a variety of songs. Walk-through's of guitar chords and lyrics to certain songs (as much a library for me to reference, as anything). Currently, I'm sharing updates on the recording of my debut album.

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Throughout the years I've enjoyed collaborating with other musicians and have been fortunate enough to have been featured on some of their albums. I'm available now too for studio sessions and/or other collabs from my home office studio if you're wanting to jam!

Song title, Artist Song link Scott Mathson's credits
Allison's Waltz, Mat Keller Drums / Drummer
For Her (Long Before), Mat Keller Drums / Drummer
Good Morning Katie, Mat Keller Electric Guitar / Lead Guitar
I Don't Mind, Mat Keller Electric Guitar / Lead Guitar