Guitar Chords for Hey, Ma by Bon Iver

Learn guitar chords and lyrics needed to play Hey, Ma by Bon Iver, on guitar.

• 457 words

• By Scott Mathson

Guitar chords charts, lyrics, and guitar lesson for Hey, Ma by Bon Iver (written by Justin Vernon, Brad Cook, BJ Burton) off of the i,i album released June 3, 2019.

Chords played

These are the guitar chords used in this song. Chord charts read as the strings and frets needing played (or muted - x).

  E ––––0–––––0––––0–––––3–––––0–––––
  B ––––1–––––1––––1–––––0–––––0–––––
  G ––––0–––––2––––2–––––0–––––0–––––
  D ––––2–––––3––––2–––––0–––––2–––––
  A ––––3–––––3––––0–––––2–––––2–––––
  E ––––x–––––x––––x–––––3–––––0–––––
        C     F    Am    G     Em

Lyrics and chords for Hey, Ma

Intro: C- - - F- - - Am- - - G- - -

  [Verse 1]
  C                   F
    I waited outside
  Am                 G
    I took it remote
  C                  Em
    I wanted a bath
    Tell the story or he goes
    Tell the story or he goes

  F                          Am
    Full time, you talk your money up
    While it's living in a coal mine
  F                        Am
    Tall time to call your Ma
    Hey Ma, hey Ma
  F                         Am
    Tall vote, you know you mope it up
    Well, you wanted it your whole life
    You're back and forth with light

  [Verse 2]
    I waited outside
    I was tokin' on dope
  Am                            G
    I hoped it all wunt go in a minute
    With the past that you know
  C                        Em
    I wanted all that mind sugar
    I want it all mine
  F                     G
    I had a heavy mind, sugar
    I took it, it was right

    You're back and forth
    You're back and forth
    You go back and forth
    And then you're back and forth (and back and forth)
  [Verse 3]
  C                  F
    I waited outside
    Then you took me in the room
    And you offered up the truth
  C                                     Em
    My eyes crawling up the window to the wall
    From dusk 'til dawn
    Let me talk to 'em
    Let me talk to 'em all

Song’s chord progressions

Verse chord progressions:

  • C to F to Am to G (1x)
  • C to Em to F to G (1x)

Chorus chord progressions:

  • F to Am (3x)
  • Am to G (1x)

Song information

Hey, Ma

  • Artist: Bon Iver
  • Released: June 3, 2019
  • Album: i,i
  • Songwriter(s): Justin Vernon, Brad Cook, BJ Burton
  • Producer(s): Chris Messina, Brad Cook, Justin Vernon
  • Length: 3:36

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