Kate McCannon by Colter Wall - Guitar Chords + Lyrics

Learn guitar chords and lyrics for playing Kate McCannon by Colter Wall, on guitar.

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• By Scott Mathson

Chords charts, lyrics, and guitar lesson for Kate McCannon by Colter Wall (written by Colter Wall) off of the self-titled Colter Wall album released May 12, 2017.

Chords played

These are the guitar chords used in this song. Chord charts read as the strings and frets needing played (or muted - x).

  E ––––0–––––3––––0–––––1–––––
  B ––––1–––––0––––1–––––3–––––
  G ––––2–––––0––––0–––––2–––––
  D ––––2–––––0––––2–––––0–––––
  A ––––0–––––1––––3–––––0–––––
  E ––––0–––––2––––0–––––0–––––
        Am    G    C     Dm

Lyrics and chords for Kate McCannon

Intro: Am- - - G- - Am- - -

  [Verse 1]
  Am                              G                     Am
  Well the raven is a wicked bird, his wings are black as sin
  Am                                    G              Am
  And he floats outside my prison window mocking those within
  C                       Dm        G                 C
  And he sings to me real low, it's hell to where you go
  Am                              G   Am
  For you did murder Kate McCannon
  [Instrumental break]

  [Verse 2]
  Am                                  G              Am
  When I first met Tom McCannon, I was working in the mines
  Am                                         G                Am
  Said he had himself a dark-haired daughter with long, green eyes
  C                  Dm            G              C
  When she and I did meet, she was bathing in the creek
  Am                                       G (mute quickly)
  Prettiest girl in the whole damn holler, that ain't no lie
  [Instrumental break]

  [Verse 3]
  Am                                G  Am
  So I went a courtin' Kate McCannon
  Am                                 G Am
  Got me a job and I quit my ramblin'
  C                 Dm     G             C            
  And every day I'd save a quarter of my pay
  Am                        G  Am
  I could buy a diamond ring
  [Verse 4]
  Am                                    G  Am
  Lord, and one day I come home to find
  Am                           G  Am
  My darlin' angel's not inside
  C                 Dm
  So I made for the creek
        G             C
  Where she and I did meet
  Am                                 G  Am
  And found her with some other lover
  [Instrumental break]
  Am (4-6 bar build up)
        Am (mute quickly)                   G   Am
  And I put three rounds into Kate McCannon

  [Guitar walks outro, ending on Am]

Song’s chord progressions

Verses chord progressions:

  • Am, G, Am • C, Dm, G, C

There are quite a few riffs played in between verses, lines in verses, and in outro. They add a lot to the song - hammer on’s, pull off’s, and walk-ups and downs to/between chords (country-style transitions). If there’s enough interest in this post, I’ll likely put together a video to show how to play these riffs and walk ups/downs on guitar.

Song information

Kate McCannon

  • Artist: Colter Wall
  • Released: May 12, 2017
  • Album: Colter Wall
  • Songwriter(s): Colter Wall
  • Producer(s): Dave Cobb
  • Length: 4:34

Information from Wikipedia page

This is my take on the song. I do not own any rights to the song, yet this lesson’s content, and other materials here are my own.

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