Colter Wall's Henry and Sam - Banjo cover

A cover of Colter Wall's Henry and Sam. On a banjo. In an old Ford truck. Enjoy!

• 343 words

• By Scott Mathson

Henry and Sam cover, original song written and performed by Colter Wall. My cover played on the banjo. Performed in my old pickup truck. Parked next to a shooting range. Western af.

Listening to Colter’s original of this song (I’ve had his Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs record on repeat for some months now), I picked out what instrument could be in the tune that isn’t: a banjo, and I transposed the main guitar part to my banjo. Wanting to make a visually unique cover of this song - a Cash-like homage to the west - I figured where better to park my ‘71 Ford than next to a shooting range out in Montana. Roll the tape!

As I’ve been singing and plucking this tune recently, I can picture a larger ensemble with a “train rhythm” brushes on snare drum, a walking bass line, and more, but I figured stripping it down to just the banjo would be fun to share, too. Though I really don’t play my banjo that often, I found that working out this rendition of Henry and Sam was great practice and I have a renewed interest in the instrument. I absolutely love this catchy, dark tune. Enjoy!

Henry and Sam lyrics

  [Verse 1]                         
  Have you met my friend Henry?
  Have you met my friend Sam?
  One's long and lean, one's short and mean
  Known quite well throughout this land

  [Verse 2]
  Have you heard my friend Henry?
  Have you heard my friend Sam?
  One's low and barks, one's quick and sharp
  Known quite well throughout this land

  [Verse 3]
  I'd be dead if not for Henry
  I'd be dead if not for Sam
  They've spoke with those who've stood opposed
  To the way I deal, the way I am

  [Verse 4]
  Grown to dislike my friend Henry
  Grown to despisе my friend Sam
  Too many times I've lost my mind
  Fеlt them in my trembling hands
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