To Have as much Dedication & Passion as radio's Craig Johnson

Do you have as much focus, dedication, and passion as 46-year radio host Craig Johnson?

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• By Scott Mathson

Craig Johnson has long been the voice of Missoula, Montana. Hosting and co-hosting many radio shows throughout the years, most recently with Trail 103.3 hosting the Morning Trail every weekday morning from 6a-10a. On Wednesday June 12th, 2019 Craig officially signed-off of the Trail for the last time, as he retires from being on-air and in radio these past 46 years.

Having met Craig some years ago at a local trade-show that I’d been marketing and was working, really stands out in my memory.

Genuine and sincere are a of couple words that describe my interactions with Craig.

I did let him know of my admiration of his work, yet perhaps unknowing to him, his influence runs a lot deeper.

Craig was a guiding part of many a commute for me throughout the years. My radio’s dial very rarely changes from 103.3 and even now, after ditching any commutes in favor of working remotely from my home office, there’s often a constant that mornings include meditation, coffee, emails, the Trail, and Craig.

Longevity in today’s world is rare to see.

Let alone working the same role for four decades.

Like Craig, and since meeting him about 5 years ago, I’ve joined new companies a couple times since.

Having made a few station-to-station moves throughout his career, there are constants in Craig’s career that remain and are obvious to all: his focus, dedication, and passion.

“I have found my spiritual broadcasting home…” - Craig Johnson, on joining Missoula Broadcasting Company’s Trail 103.3

After 22 years co-hosting a show at a different station with another Missoula radio icon Al Kessler, Craig joined Trail 103.3 and started broadcasting the Morning Trail in 2014.

Reflecting on a career like Craig’s and in jotting my thoughts down here, his words on-air have meant more to me than even I have consciously realized.

Craig, your dedication and contributions to the Missoula community are unmatched.

Your passions run deep. The stories of your family and motorcycles that you shared with listeners have encouraged us to remain as passionate, happy, and present in this life as you.

The inviting conversations that you shared with musicians, community members, and other guests, while always selflessly promoting their work and their best interests before yours, has been amazing to witness.

And of course, your musical tastes and selections on-air meshed with the listeners - you know your audience.

This article’s call-to-action to readers is to consistently ask yourself: Are you living your life with as much dedication, selflessness, and passion as Craig Johnson?

I know that I’ll continually be reflecting and asking myself this, more than ever.

Thank you Craig, you’ll be sorely missed. Happy trails!

To the next Morning Trails host Robert, carry this passion and this light onward!

“If you’re really lucky, at least once in your career, you find yourself in exactly the right place at the right time. I must be really really lucky because that has happened to me about three times. I’m not a religious man so I’ll skip the whole “blessed” thing, but I will admit to being grateful on a daily basis for the opportunity to host the Morning Trail.” - Craig Johnson

Craig Johnson, radio host in the studio - Missoula, MT

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