Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire - Banjo cover

A cover of Springsteen's I'm on Fire. On a banjo!? Yes, indeed.

• 130 words

• By Scott Mathson

I’m On Fire Cover, original song by Bruce Springsteen. Banjo isn’t the instrument most people associate this song with, so I wanted to make a truly unique cover of this amazing song. Bluegrass and kick back, chill folk vibe.

This song is a blast to play on guitar and I’ve been playing it on my classical, nylon string acoustic guitar. My fiancé encouraged me to try it on banjo, though. This is what I came up with, with the addition of some basic drumming and backing vocals.

Fun song to cover, record, and to edit! I don’t play my banjo all that often, found myself in deep concentration throughout this, constantly doing weird things with my lips haha. Enjoy! :-)

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